Gentry Pushes House To Protect Transparency

Rep. Nate Gentry

House Republican Communications:

SANTA FE – Rep. Nate Gentry (R-Bernalillo) pre-filed legislation to ensure New Mexicans have immediate access to all legislation presented on the floor of the House of Representatives.

House Resolution 1 would change the rules of the New Mexico House of Representatives to require that all floor amendments and floor substitutes be made available on the Legislature’s website at the time of their introduction.

“The public has an essential right to see the bills and amendments that are being considered by their representatives,” Gentry said. “During the last two years, the public gained greater access to information about legislative activities in Santa Fe. My resolution will protect these improvements for years to come by including them in the House’s operational rules.” 

Over the past two years under House Republican leadership, many of the chamber’s information technology systems were updated. These upgrades allowed the House to provide real-time public access to legislation being debated on the House floor starting with the regular session last year.

Prior to 2016, legislation offered on the House floor was not made available on the Legislature’s website until hours after it was proposed, often after it had been debated and voted upon. Floor amendments and substitutes that were not adopted by the House were never posted for public review.

The Legislative website is available at The website provides information on legislators, legislation, upcoming committee meetings and floor schedules. Citizens can also view live webcasts of committee meetings and floor sessions on the site.