Gary King Opposes Deep Cuts to Federal Food Stamps

Attorney General Gary King


New Mexico Attorney General and Democratic candidate for Governor Gary King today strongly spoke out against Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives for voting to impose harsh cuts to American families who depend on federal food stamps. 

Yesterday House Republicans passed billions of dollars in cuts to federal food stamps by a vote of 217-210; the cuts will push millions of American families, including those in New Mexico, into poverty during the ongoing economic slump.

“While this is a federal issue, and I intend to be the next Governor of New Mexico, I cannot sit quietly when Republicans of Suzanne Martinez’ party cut food stamps to hungry children. Make no mistake, it is the children from low-income families that are hit hardest by these cuts,” King said. “Ours is a state with some of the highest rates of poverty, and is hurting thanks to the policies of right wing politicians who refuse to be held accountable, and put more emphasis on fundraising than on doing well for the families and children of New Mexico. These cuts will hit New Mexico hard, and they are heartless. Shame on Washington Republicans.”

Low-income families of New Mexico, many of whom work full-time in low-wage jobs, are eligible to receive federal food stamp benefits, also now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP.) Because of its high poverty levels, New Mexico has one of the highest rates of food stamp participation in the country.

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