Garrett Eckhart Heads To Court On Battery Charge

Garrett Eckhart

Staff Report:

A preliminary hearing before Magistrate Judge Pat Casados is slated for March 9 for Garrett Eckhart, 35, of Los Alamos on charges of bribery of a witness, batter on a peace officer, and resisting, evading or obstructing a peace officer.

Eckhart was arrested Feb. 10 on a charge of aggravated battery after police responded to an address on Gold Street where they found a victim with injuries to his back and face. The victim was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center for treatment.

The new charges stem from Eckhart’s alleged return to the scene of the aggravated battery where he reportedly threatened a witness. Police reports indicate that Eckhart remained “heavily intoxicated” and resisted arrest. While being removed from the patrol vehicle at the detention center, he allegedly kicked an officer in the forearm.

Eckhart was arraigned before Judge Pat Casados Feb. 13 in Los Alamos Magistrate Court and is scheduled for a non-jury trial March 20 on the original aggravated battery charge.