Fuselier: Join Me For Our Children’s Sake

Los Alamos

For the future of our children and grandchildren here in America (and across the world), I humbly ask you to consider joining me in the following commitment.

A TwelveStep Program* to lose my attachment to the partisan divide:

1 – I admit that I have let politics control how I view and feel about many friends, family members, and countless people I have never met.

2 – I believe that a Power greater than myself, the Divine, is needed to restore me and my country to Sanity.

3 – I have made the decision to neither think nor act in partisan ideology.

4 – I will humbly review at the end of each day my actions and words for partisan contamination.

5 – I admit that I have seen others and have acted towards them based on partisan ideology.

6 – I am willing to allow the Divine to enter my heart so that my partisan ideology will leave.

7 – I will ask the Divine to expose to me the concerns, worries, and fears that have led me to my partisan ways.

8 – I will make a list of those I have offended through my partisan words and actions and be ready to see them as my brothers and sisters.

9 – I will find a way to show anyone I have offended that I see them and respect them for who they are, except when to do so would cause harm to them or others.

10 – I will continue to practice my awareness of my partisan tendencies by listening to the concerns, worries, and fears of those I had seen as being from the “other side”.

11 – Through acts such as prayer and meditation, I will seek to be one with the Divine that seeks unity in all so as to follow the Divine will for my life.

12 – Having denounced my partisan ways, I will by my actions and words show others we are one and, through interdependence, sustainability and justice, help bring to fruition our amazing potential as a people.

*Based on Alcoholic Anonymous’ 12-step program