Fuller Lodge Art Center Opens (This) Ability Friday

Ursula Freer’s ‘Entanglement, Transgenderism, Reincarnation, Duplicate Personality’ is one of the works in ‘(This) Ability,’ opening Friday at Fuller Lodge Art Center. Courtesy/FLAC

FLAC News:

Our struggles and difficulties are often what make us stronger and force us to forge a unique path. In (This) Ability artists take us down a new road by acknowledging and working with limitations, pathological or otherwise.

(This) Ability opens with an Artists Reception 5-7 p.m., Friday at Fuller Lodge Art Center. Trish Ebbert’s show, From The Subconscious, also opens Friday in the Portal Gallery.

For (This) Ability, each artist submitted a written explanation of what challenge they faced while creating the art or what challenge the artwork portrayed. Although the explanations are in a binder along with artists’ biographies, the work in the show stands by itself. The written words just provide a new level of understanding.

To many, a wheelchair is a symbol of confinement. In (This) Ability a wheelchair has been yarn-bombed in a rainbow of colors to show those of us who take our legs for granted, that wheels provide others with the opportunity to be mobile.

In this case, a wheelchair isn’t just meant as a source of transportation. The viewer is invited to sit in this wheelchair, to see the world from a different perspective, bringing the viewer into the world of those who sit in a wheelchair day in and day out.

The artist behind this display, Irene Berenstein, collaborated with a friend to “dress” the chair. Berenstein was part of a company called Dance-Ability, where dance instructors would teach dancers who were amputees and/or in wheelchairs the art of dance. These dancers would be on stage, either on the floor or in their wheelchairs, experiencing the graceful movements for themselves.

Photographs of actual Dance-Ability sessions in Argentina create a “hallway” on either side of the wheelchair. The black and white picture opposite the chair is hung at eye level to those sitting. This installment is a reminder that even though people who sit in a wheelchair day in and day out are working through a “disability”, they are just as capable and strong as those who are not.

Preview (This) Ability here.

‘Old Woman’ by  Becky Nystrom from ‘(This) Ability,’ a new show opening at Fuller Lodge Art Center. Courtesy/FLAC

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