Fuller Lodge Art Center Opens New Show May 11


The Fuller Lodge Art Center will open its fourth exhibit of the year, Vessel 5-7 p.m. Friday, May 11.

A vessel can be a container, a boat or an artery. But it also can be the flesh and blood that holds our soul. It can be a solid object that holds our hopes and prayers. It can be made out of clay or wood, paper or stone, metal or fiber. Vessels hold, contain and protect. They have myriads of purposes and can elicit countless meanings. The transportation of blood, holding the morning coffee, transporting goods across the ocean, or carrying an unborn child, all point back to the same theme. What do you hold close and how is it held?

The Vessel exhibit will feature both freestanding and wall work of more than 50 artists from around the state. The artwork was meticulously selected by a panel of jurors; Karen Waters, Michael Bergt, and Jami Porter Lara. May 11 through June 23, visitors to the gallery will be able to see a variety of media depicting each artist’s interpretation of the theme. Friday, May 11, the artists and jurors will gather at the Fuller Lodge Art Center, 2132 Central Ave. to celebrate the opening of the show.

Happening simultaneously in the Portal Gallery, Carol Vredenburgh will be opening her solo exhibit, “Solid as a Rock”. Vredenburgh is a lifelong artist who now specializes in stylized landscapes. Her main studios are in Lyme, New Hampshire and Jemez Springs but she travels all over the U.S. gathering inspiration for her paintings. This is her first show since her residency at Bandelier National Monument, and will include work from Bandelier as well as various other rock formations she is currently exploring.

With both shows opening at once, visitors will be able to meet the artists, help themselves to free refreshments, enjoy the live music of the Quemazon Quartet, and marvel at the phenomenal talent on display throughout the gallery! Vessel and Solid as a Rock open May 11 and will run through Saturday, June 23.
Check out all the upcoming exhibits by visiting fullerlodgeartcenter.com.