Fuller Lodge Art Center Call For Artists Deadline Friday

ART News:

Fuller Lodge Art Center has issued a Call for Artists.

In Bounds will run Jan. 30 through Feb. 21 at the Art Center at 2132 Central Ave., in downtown Los Alamos.

Fuller Lodge Art Center says, “Almost anything goes … with a few boundaries.”

Get creative with these rules:

  • Artwork may be no larger than one “foot” in any direction.
  • Limit yourself to no more than three colors.  
  • Artwork should include at least two “mediums”.

Let us elaborate … No more than one “foot” in any direction:

  • The artwork itself should be no more than 12×12 or 12x12x12.
  • This is before framing.
  • It does not have to be square.
  • It can be any width up to 12″ and any height up to 12″.
  • It might even be an irregular shape.
  • 3-D is welcome and encouraged!

Limit yourself to no more than three colors.

  • Each color may have a variety of hues, tints, variations.
  • A piece can have less than three colors.
  • Use your imagination!

Artwork should include at least two “mediums.”

  • Open to interpretation!

Start your new year with an adventure in ART! Call or email to talk about the show and how your work might fit.

Ken or Amy 505.662.1635

Amy gallery@fullerlodgeartcebnter.com

Ken director@fullerlodgeartcenter.com

Download an application here!


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