Free Pizza At Teen Discussion Group Oct. 25

Los Alamos

So what does someone do if they need help related to an unhealthy relationship and don’t know where to turn?

JudyGail’s Place is one local resource that meets the needs of women, men, youth and issues in the gay and transgender communities. Learn more about their efforts at

“We answer questions anonymously from anyone, any age and at anytime,” JudyGail’s Place Executive Director Amber Grady-Fuller said. “We get questions from FB private messages, email, in person, even friends asking questions for their friends.”

The JudyGail’s team does not require anyone to provide their name to assure a safe space to get information. While they realize that may limit the ways they can assist, they prefer to allow those needing information to get the resources they need without being worried that someone is trying to figure out who they are. 

“We have access to lots of information that can help someone who is experiencing abuse,” Fuller said, “even if they don’t want to leave an abuser or would prefer to not report an assault to the police.”

JudyGails’ is hosting a teen discussion group Oct. 25 at 3900 Trinity Dr., in the former teen center location. The free discussion will include free pizza, is open to all teens ages 13-18 and will be monitored by Michelle Harkey, LMHC.

While JudyGail’s is not a shelter, they provide an enormous amount of resources based on the needs of the individual.

The local not for profit has received a $500 grant from the New Mexico Children’s Fund and a $12,400 grant from 100+ Women Who Care. The funds are being used to assist with renting a space and providing resources to single parents, while 86 percent of their funding comes from in-kind donations and volunteer efforts.

One such effort came in the way of local youth volunteering to launch their YouTube project for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month push to get information out to the community. The idea was to get dating warning signs into the hands of teens by using teens to record, edit and act in short, quirky public service announcements or PSAs.

While funds are always in demand, those wishing to assist with anything from moving furniture to helping with resume writing skills, driving people to appointments or even pet sitting should call 505.709.8806.