Free Permits For Bandelier Firewood Begin Wednesday


Beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 5, free permits will be available for firewood from hazard tree removal at Bandelier National Monument.  

There is a limited amount of wood, so only enough permits will be issued to cover what is available. The wood is mostly dry and has been cut and stacked, but not split. Most stacks are reasonably near the places where permittees’ vehicles can be parked, and wheelbarrows will be allowed.

Park staff will escort permittees to the wood collection areas since many piles are in areas currently closed to the public.

“We don’t have a great amount of wood,” Bandelier Chief Ranger Tom Betts said. “But what there is we would like to make available to local families.”
Anyone wanting a permit should send an email to and be sure to include their name and phone number.  
Emails will not be accepted until 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 5, and then permits will be issued on a first-come first- served basis. Successful applicants will be notified and provided details on the location and date that their wood can be picked up.