Foster Children’s Christmas Party Big Success

Los Alamos High School Key Club members who helped at the Foster Children’s Christmas Party in Espanola. (Who’s that person with the long white beard?) Photo by Don Casperson
Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos

The Foster Children’s Christmas Party in Española was a great success this year, and Los Alamos people were there to help.

Kiwanis leaders Kathy Hirons, Aleene Jenkins, and Linda Daly sent out an e-mail message after the party saying, “Once again, we are sending a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks who gave their time and energy to make this year’s Foster Kids’ Party a big success … You are all a great bunch of volunteers and helped to make these kids’ Christmases a little brighter.”

Hirons said that 12 Los Alamos Kiwanis members (and one other Los Alamos adult) helped at the party Dec. 17 at “The Rock” Christian church in downtown Española. In addition, two car-loads of Key Club members helped, despite the fact that they were facing exam week. Hirons said even a few former Key Clubbers—college students home for the holidays—came to help. “I just thought that was wonderful,” she said.

Kiwanis Second Vice President Jordan Garcia put on the official red suit and chatted with a stream of children with requests for presents and photos.

All those who donated money during the Dec. 5 Kiwanis Breakfast with Santa event in Los Alamos also played a role in helping, because the donations at the breakfast totaled about $1,910—and that money was used for the party.

Hirons said no firm count was taken, but the Española party seemed “a little larger than last year.” She estimated that “perhaps 150 people” came.

Hirons noted that, “The Española business people contributed very generously” this year. Local restaurants sent “five huge pans of enchiladas.” In addition, other supporters in Española sent beans, posole, red chile, and cakes.

All the extra food left over went to the (YMCA) Teen Center in Española.