Fort Union Offers Tour By Full Moonlight May 28

Courtesy photo
FUNM News:
WATROUS Fort Union National Monument is sponsoring a guided tour of the fort by full moonlight at 8:30 p.m., Monday evening, May 28.
This will be an opportunity for visitors to experience the tranquility of Fort Union by the beauty of moonlight!
A park ranger will lead this lovely evening tour, and bring together the history of the fort and stories from the stars. This is a free program and will last till 10 p.m. The evening stroll along the park trail will be about one mile in length over flat terrain. Visitors should bring water, a light jacket, and wear comfortable shoes.
The monument will be open from 5:00 pm through the moonlight tour, so this is an opportunity for visitors to have a picnic dinner at the park before enjoying the night-time program!
Fort Union National Monument has applied to be an officially designated International Dark Skies Park. The park and the area is a spectacular resource that reflects the criteria as a dark sky resource. Due to its remoteness, high elevation, distance from urbanization, dry air and clear skies, and status as a unit of the National Park System, Fort Union has the ability to preserve, protect, and promote night sky values. The Starry Skies in Northern NM are some of the best in America!