Forest Announces 2013 Season Open Recreation Sites


SFNF News:

  • Forest announces 2013 season open recreation sites; Asks public to help keep forest clean

SANTA FE – Forest recreation specialists are currently busy preparing 54 campgrounds, trail heads and picnic areas for the summer season across the Santa Fe National Forest.

Hazard tree inspections, drinking water sampling, and general maintenance to facilities brought on by winter snow are being accomplished so that visitors can once again enjoy their national forests.

However, there will be a reduction in services at some sites. Generally at sites where services are reduced there will be no trash collection, no restrooms available, no drinking water, and fewer patrols for maintenance and visitor contacts. In certain areas, no parking will be provided at these sites. This will require the public to be even more vigilant in keeping the forest clean this year.

“We want the public to continue visiting the Santa Fe National Forest, but to be aware of a few changes this year,” said Bruce Hill, spokesperson for the Santa Fe National Forest. “By implementing these steps, we can continue to provide affordable services at our high-use recreation sites. But we need the public’s help to keep sites clean forest-wide by asking visitors to take out what they bring in, also known as Pack It In – Pack It Out.”

During the process, Forest staff made sure different types of recreation opportunities would be provided and geographically distributed throughout the forest. The Forest Service encourages the public to visit sites with full amenities, and consider visiting the forest during the week to help reduce the potential for increased weekend traffic, especially in areas like Jemez and Pecos Districts.

For further information visit the forest website at, or contact the Santa Fe National Forest at (505) 438-5300.

Sites with existing services and where visitation is encouraged:

Coyote Ranger District:

  • Coyote Canyon Camping Area Campground
  • Resumidero Campground
  • Rio Chama Campground
  • Rio Chama Group Campground
  • Rio Puerco Campground
  • Whirlpool Disperse Campground
  • Rio Puerco Trailhead
  • Big Eddy Take-out
  • Chavez Canyon Put-in

Cuba Ranger District:

  • Clear Creek Campground
  • Clear Creek Group Campground
  • Rio de las Vacas Campground
  • Clear Creek Picnic Area
  • Los Pinos Trailhead
  • Palomas Trailhead
  • San Gregorio Trailhead

Jemez Ranger District:

  • Jemez Falls Campground
  • San Antonio Campground
  • Vista Linda Campground
  • Battleship Picnic Area
  • Jemez Falls Day Use
  • Las Conchas Picnic Area
  • Spanish Queen Picnic Area
  • Battleship Trailhead
  • East Fork Trailhead
  • Jemez Falls Trailhead
  • Las Conchas Trailhead
  • Spence Hot Springs
  • Glorieta Picnic Area

Pecos/Las Vegas District:

  • El Porvenir Campground
  • Field Tract Campground
  • Holy Ghost Campground
  • Holy Ghost Group Campground
  • Iron Gate Campground
  • Jacks Creek Campground
  • Jacks Creek Group Campground
  • Jacks Creek Horse Camping
  • Panchuela Campground
  • Cowles Trailhead
  • Holy Ghost Trailhead
  • Iron Gate Trailhead
  • Jacks Creek Trailhead
  • Panchuela Trailhead

Espanola Ranger District:

  • Aspen Basin Campground
  • Big Tesuque Campground
  • Black Canyon Campground
  • Aspen Vista Picnic Area
  • Bear Wallow Trailhead
  • Black Canyon Trailhead
  • Caja Trailhead
  • Chamisa Trailhead
  • Winsor Trailhead
  • Vista Grande Overlook
  • Poshouinge Interpretive Site
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