Food on the Hill: Seafood Omelet

This Week’s Recipe: Seafood Omelet

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Mushrooms, sliced
About 12-15 small squares(1/2″) of cream cheese, cutting is hard, colder is better
Spinach leaves
Caramelized onions
Imitation crab
Small pieces of shrimp, cooked
Fresh chives
Hollandaise sauce


Have all your ingredients ready before you start each omelet.

 Photo by Sue York/

Flash fry the mushrooms for about a minute on very high heat with a little butter. Set aside. Beat your eggs with a whisk until a little frothy. Spray the fry pan with vegetable oil. Start to cook eggs on medium low heat. As the eggs start to just set, push the sides of the eggs into the middle and the liquid eggs should run to the underside and the outside of the forming omelet. At that point place your spinach leaves on one-half of the omelet. Add the cream cheese next. After the cheese is in place, put a little of all the rest of the ingredients on top of that side.


Photo by Sue York/

Top with a LITTLE hollandaise sauce. When you start to see just a little color on the bottom of the omelet, fold it over and slide it on to the serving plate. Top with more hollandaise sauce and chives.

Seafood Omelet


Photo by Sue York/