Food on the Hill: Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs

This Week’s Recipe:
Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs
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1 large pot for boiling
10-12 cups of strong brew coffee
50 percent water 50 percent milk mixture
racks of baby back ribs
Grill and smoking chips
Olive oil
Spices: granulated garlic, onion powder, cayenne pepper, McCormick’s Grill Mates (both olasses bacon and mesquite.) You can use other spices if you want.
Barbeque sauce (I use K.C. Masterpiece Original.)  


Prep the ribs by cutting off all the fat that you can, without hurting the meat. 


Photo by Sue York/

If you still have the membrane on the back of the ribs you can peel that off as well. Sometimes it has already been taken off for you. Just slip the tip of a sharp knife under and loosen it and you should be able to peel it. You might have to do this in a couple of places.

 Photo by Sue York/

In a large pot, pour the coffee in and add the ribs. Bend them around the pot in a curve. Add enough milk and water mixture to cover the ribs by 1 ½  inches. Cook on medium-low heat for about 2 hours. Watch the pot, if it seems to be boiling too much turn down to low. You will know the ribs are done on the stove by looking at the bone sticking up, you should see about ½ inch.

Photo by Sue York/
Remove the ribs from the pan and dry them well with paper towels. Rub olive oil all over the ribs and season liberally with all of the spices, on both sides. *** Do not put the barbeque sauce on yet.
Photo by Sue York/

Prep the grill.  Once the grill is hot, place the smoking chips in the fire. Smoke the ribs until the meat is golden and bubby. The ribs can be eaten with or without barbeque sauce. Once the meat is ready, slather on the barbeque sauce and cook for just a few more minutes.

Photo by Sue York/

Fall Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs

Photo by Sue York/


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