Flu Spreads At Central NM Correctional Facility


Over the course of the last three days, an increase in Influenza symptoms has been detected within the inmate population housed at the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility in Los Lunas.

Those diagnosed or presenting symptoms consistent with Influenza Virus are receiving supportive medical treatment. Because 31 patients have presented with influenza symptoms or similar complaints, the New Mexico Corrections Department’s medical provider, Corizon, has partnered with the Department of Health to provide additional support for conducting expedited examinations and medical attention.

At this point, 23 patients have been confirmed by formal diagnosis to have contracted the virus. Most of those inmates, who have presented symptoms consistent with the virus, had previously received the  influenza vaccine. For those now formally diagnosed, Tamiflu is being administered.

Accordingly, the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility is taking precautions to isolate the affected individuals, to reduce the probability of additional individuals being affected and allow recovery of those diagnosed.