‘Float Los Alamos’ Business Launching In 2015!

Los Alamos entrepreneur Carlos Casias, left, with Nik Seet of LAVA. Photo by Mandy Marksteiner
Los Alamos

Do you need to get away from life’s stresses? Do you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue or arthritis? Are you having trouble sleeping or feeling anxious or depressed? Are you pregnant and uncomfortable?

Carlos Casias is a Los Alamos entrepreneur who intends to open Float Los Alamos in 2015. His float studio will have at least two float tanks.

What is a float tank? 

A float tank is a light and sound free environment where you float atop a solution of about 10 inches of natural Epsom salt. While reducing external stimuli, you will feel the benefits of a zero gravity environment—your muscle tension, joint pain and discomfort will melt away.

Casias’s business, which is still in the planning stages, will make it possible for people to experience floating in a safe and clean environment. Casias had several ideas for businesses that he would like to bring to Los Alamos, and decided to go with the float tank idea because he personally loves the physical and psychological benefits and overall experience.

“I started floating in Albuquerque. Once you float, you just want to float all the time,” Casias said.

He has been working with Ted Lopez at UNM-LA’s Small Business and Development Center to develop his business plan and market analysis projections needed to raise startup funds and secure a loan. In addition, he received some unexpected financial support from Sivi Corporation.

Casias won $1,000 from SIVI Corporation’s LaunchLeader giveaway in November.  LaunchLeader helps entrepreneurs find teams, mentors and get seed funding. SIVI is co-founded by Nik Seet, and is the company behind the Los Alamos Venture Accelerator (http://lava.guru). Casias qualified for the $1,000 giveaway by signing up for the email list at http://launchleader.com.

Casias will use the money to pay for an apprenticeship at Float On, the largest float tank center in the USA, located in Portland, Ore.

His first challenge will be convincing people to try floating for the first time. The testimonials found on the Float On website had many comments from people who have tried it for the first time:

  • “My husband and I did our first float tonight and it was amaaaazing—more relaxing than we ever imagined!” Amanda B.;
  • “The facilities are spotlessly clean. The floating experience itself was amazing. The 90 minutes went by very fast. I was not sure how I would like it, but we both very much enjoyed it. I felt relaxed all day and well into the next few days.” Maggie;
  • “I couldn’t possibly put into words what this experience was like. Amazing doesn’t really sum it up. It was peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, and enlightening all rolled up into one amazing 90 minutes. The best part of this was that the feeling of lightness and peace lasted the entire night and into the next day!” Jay Simins; and
  • “I didn’t expect that this experience would effect me so much and make me so happy. I seriously fell asleep that night grinning, the weightlessness of the float still in my muscle memory, feeling calm and centered to my core. Like nothing else I could have imagined!” Sara E.

Float tanks were invented in the 1950’s and are coming back into style. This year at least 50 tank centers will open across the country. By seeking training in Portland, Casias will learn from Float On’s four years of experience and ensure that his Los Alamos tank will provide an incredible experience.

For Casias, floating helps him meditate. “I had trouble with meditation,” he admits. “But in the float tank it is easier to let go and reach a deeper level.”

Floating also is beneficial after a workout, is a great way to relieve chronic pain, stress and anxiety. In addition, the Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in the water will detoxify your body.

It’s one of those experiences that you have to try. That’s why Casias is looking for people who would like to be early adopters of the float experience. Casias will be launching a crowdfund with different tiers of significant discount.

To become an early adopter, contact Carlos Casias at j.carlos.casias@gmail.com.


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