Flamingos Flock 825 Aster Street

Flamingos on the lawn at 825 Aster St., the home of Michael and Natali Barkudarov. Courtesy photo

What goes best with pink flamingos? How about a heart-shaped trellis of climbing roses?

This beautiful yard display is the hard work of Michael and Natali Barkhudarov. The front of their home at 825 Aster is a riot of color from the beautiful, lush yard to the Blaze climbing roses and other blooming perennials. Michael and Natasha collaborate on their yard.

Michael says that the yard is beautiful thanks to Natali’s attention to the flowers. She credits him with keeping the grass looking gorgeous.

If you know someone whose yard or house deserves a kudos, contact Paula Barclay, realtor with RE/MAX of Los Alamos, (paulabarclay@remax.net).

“Some people are working really hard to make our community more beautiful,” Barclay said . “This is just a lighthearted way to recognize these efforts.”