Flagged Utility Poles To Be Replaced In Barranca Mesa

Utility pole. Courtesy photo


Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities’ contractor, Elite Power, will be replacing utility poles in the Barranca Mesa area starting next week.

Poles to be exchanged are marked with a red flag and located in utility easements. Crews will have minimal impact on traffic as they move through neighborhoods replacing flagged poles one at a time.

Advance notice will be provided to customers when brief outages are required to complete work. Some poles slated to be replaced are located in the backyards of customers. Elite Power will coordinate directly with these individuals to access and replace poles. 

This effort is in accord with the DPU’s Electric Reliability Plan developed in 2011 and most recently updated in 2014. To enhance system reliability, the plan identifies pro-active and preventive operations and maintenance activities, which include the replacement of older poles prioritized in a 2005 pole study. 

Department officials thank customers for their cooperation with Elite Power to complete this important project. For additional information, call the Department of Public Utilities at 505.662.8333.