First Tearless & Sweet Onions Available In Santa Fe

PARMA, Idaho No more crying in the kitchen – save your tears for when you need them! Sunions, America’s first tearless and sweet onions are now being shipped to stores nationwide and in Canada. For an up-to-date list of where to purchase Sunions, visit
But how are they tearless? Sunions were cultivated through a natural cross-breeding program over the course of more than two decades. The breeder hand-picked onion bulbs that were consistently less pungent to develop less variability in flavor. Volatile compounds in onions are responsible for tearing and the amounts of those compounds in other onions increase over time. In Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite – they decrease every day after harvest to produce a tearless and sweet onion.
To ensure the delivery of the Sunions brand promise of a consistently tearless and sweet onion, they must be certified ready to ship by three different testing panels for flavor and tearlessness. This certification process is unique to Sunions and sets them apart from all other onions on the market.
Sunions take the tears out of meal prep and are enjoyed raw or cooked – they’re perfect in any recipe that uses onions.
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