First ‘Live United’ Campaign Winner Is Lexi Montoya!

The very first winner of the ‘Live United’ campaign, Lexi Montoya, left, receives $100 in Chamber Checks from United Way of Northern New Mexico Executive Director Mary Beth Maassen this morning at the Los Alamos Daily Post. Montoya placed a ‘Live United’ sticker on the rear window of her car, which was spotted and photographed, and the picture published last Thursday in the print edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post. Someone recognized Montoya’s car and let her know she had won. Montoya, a senior at Los Alamos High School, said she received her sticker from UWNNM Youth Team volunteer Torie Padilla who is involved in the 10-week campaign during which a total of $1,000 in Chamber Checks will be distributed in $100 increments to individuals spotted displaying a ‘Live United’ sticker on the rear window of their vehicle. ‘This is so great … it’s the first time I’ve ever won anything,’ Montoya said. Look in this Thursday’s print edition of the Post to see the next winner, whose car was spotted Tuesday morning parked in St. Joseph’s parking lot on Meadow Lane in White Rock. If you recognize the car … let the owner know to contact the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Carol A. Clark/