Firewood Season Is Here … Get Your Money’s Worth

This is what a true cord of wood looks like. Courtesy/Pat Kestell

Los Alamos

It is that time of year that the weather cools down and the pickups with firewood begin making their way to various parking lots.

As one who heats significantly with wood I would just like to remind folks that they should be sure to get their money’s worth.

Above is a picture of a true cord of wood. Throughout the years I have had vendors assure me that their trucks, filled only to the top of the bed was a full cord. This is simply not the case.

A cord is a true standard of measurement which is 4’x4’x8’ or 128 cubic feet tightly packed. To achieve that, a full size (8’ bed) pickup, which is 5 ¼’ by 8’ must be stacked to 3’ high as the picture demonstrates.

Those with short beds are nearly impossible to fit a true cord into. Those with the plastic wrap around them and stacked crisscross instead of tightly are far from a cord.

Prices vary by the type of wood being sold and whether it is stacked for you but be diligent to get what you pay for.