Fines Dropped: LANL 6 Given Community Service

LANL 6 protestors Cathie Sullivan, Wind Euler, Janet Greenwald, Benjamin (Summer) Abbott, Barbara Grothus and Pam Gilchrist. Photo by Greg Kendall/
LANL 6 News:
The six anti-nuclear activists who went before Judge Alan Kirk in Los Alamos Municipal Court last month have been granted their request to perform community service in lieu of paying fines. 
The LANL 6, as they became known, were arrested during a Hiroshima-Day protest at Las Alamos National Laboratory Aug. 6, 2012,
The defendants spoke during their Jan. 9 court appearance about U.S. commitments under the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and decisions of the International Court of Justice. They also spoke of a need to expend resources to confront climate change, which they said is the real and immediate threat to national security… .
Judge Kirk found the six guilty of obstructing movement and refusing to obey an officer and not guilty of a trespassing charge.
He levied fines of $100 each for the two guilty charges. He also sentenced the LANL 6 to one year’s probation and charged each $142 in court fees.
The defendants petitioned the court to allow them to do community service or serve time in jail rather than pay fines to Los Alamos County.
On Feb. 7, the judge granted the defendants’ motion to complete 20 hours of community service at not-for-profits that they select in their local community, subject to the court’s approval, but he denied their motion to do time in jail instead of paying court costs.
Jeffrey Haas, attorney for the LANL 6 said, “It was as a result of the defendant’s strong principles that Judge Kirk allowed them to convert their fines to community service with organizations with whom they had political agreement in their own communities. A good precedent.”
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