Finding Joy In New Friend From Animal Shelter

Newly adopted Tinker helps heal grieving Los Alamos family. Courtesy/ Holly Bates
Los Alamos

Well, it’s been two months now that I had to say goodbye to my best friend Daisy Mae. In all honesty, I took her death harder than I thought I would. I literally cried for a month. The depression took hold and would not let go.

I kept smelling her all over the house and even had to buy a new vacuum cleaner as every time I turned it on, the house filled with her and just about broke my heart over and over again.

I realize now just how truly bonded I was with her. Such so, that I still can’t find the courage to retrieve her remains from the vet.

In an effort to heal from this horrible loss, my son and I decided to take a short trip to Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos just to see if there was a homeless pet that needed a good home. Sure enough, we found Tinker.

This little fuzzy girl captured our hearts right from the get go. She has brought joy into our home again that I was convinced was lost forever.

The point of this letter, time can heal a broken heart and so can the love of a homeless pet.

If you are trying to heal as we are, please consider visiting your local animal shelter. You may just find your new best friend!