Final Announcement Of 6 p.m. Council Meeting Today At Municipal Building

Los Alamos
Tonight, the Los Alamos County (LAC) Council will hear a petition wherein the 300+ petitioners request that the planned roundabout at Central and N.M. 502, which the 2012 LAC Council “requested” NM Dept. of Transportation (NMDOT) to install in place of the signalized intersection that the NMDOT planned to install.

Come to voice your support!

The roundabout will be a mass of concrete and asphalt with flow to both NM502 east and west and Central severely blocked for whatever duration it takes to do the task (months, many months). Only Canyon, if left as-is until the roundabout is complete, will provide significant flow into and out of town and then thru many residential streets.
NMDOT’s signalized plan was to provide traffic flow while providing a simple, safe solution for humans, esp. bikers, walkers, and those with handicaps, as all traffic would stop, when such is needed. And the NMDOT plan would provide a nice roadside park, too!
A consideration that may not be immediately appreciated is that the NMDOT plan has the new intersection at a different location than it is now. Thus, one would anticipate that the current Central-NM502 intersection will remain OPEN to provide traffic flow into and out of the heart of town until the thru part of the new intersection is completed at which time traffic could flow down NM502. The old Central-NN502 intersection would then be removed and the remainder of the new completed to the current pavement near the old Smiths building. Thus, traffic to and from town would be greatly improved for conditions that could last for many months!!