Filing Survey Cards Could Garner LAPS $300,000

LAPS CFO John Wolfe. File photo

LAPS News:

So many forms, so little time, but in this case, a little form with some very big importance for Los Alamos Public Schools, with a $300,000 educational impact.

Recently, the district was contacted by the U.S. Dept. of Education Impact Aid Office with an update that providing a post office box number instead of  a physical address is no longer sufficient for their survey.

“By completing the survey cards, parents help the district and state generate approximately $330,000 in revenue used to support instruction,” LAPS Chief Financial Officer John Wolfe said. “All monies generated by the survey are used for direct instruction. The monies received from Impact Aid help fund are put back in the district budget for teaching positions.”

The district is aware of the burden placed on families to fill out new forms once again and the extra work for staff to collect them, but the Dept. of Education is requiring that the forms be redone in order for the district and state to receive the funds.

If a parent works at Bandelier National Monument and indicates Bandelier Monument as the name and address along with city, state and zip code, the card would not have to be re-done. If the parent worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and indicated 200 Bikini Atoll Road, the card would have to be redone, Wolfe said.

The parent must indicate the physical address as recorded at the County Assessor’s Office, and according to Wolfe, for most Laboratory employees, the address to be placed on the form is 4200 West Jemez Road.

The Impact Aid Office surveys need to be returned to school sites by April 4. Those with questions should contact the CFO’s office at 505.663.2240.

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