Family Donates Lovely Mate For Lonely Ed The Goose

Ed, left, and Gwen. Photo by Matthew Brand

LAPD News:

Los Alamos County Animal Control was contacted by Robert Cantu who stated that his goose “Gwen” lost her mate a month ago and has been very depressed since.

“He had a goose, and we had a gander and now Ed has a mate,” LAPD Cmdr. Preston Ballew said. “We introduced Gwen and Ed, and they spent some time together before they were released back into Ashley Pond. There may still be some pecks here or there, but Dr. Ramsey assured that they will eventually bond and establish their own place at the pond.”

Animal control introduced Ed and Gwen back to the pond last Friday and monitored them for a while after. The ducks are not very welcoming to Gwen yet, but she’s had an eventful day and once she is comfortable, she will let the ducks know she isn’t going anywhere.

“A big thank you to Mr. Cantu and his family for providing Ed with a companion!,” Cmdr. Ballew said.

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