Faith & Science Series: ‘What Makes Us Human?’

The Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum is holding a winter series on the topic “What Makes Us Human?”, continuing March 15.
We meet at Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church on the third Tuesday of the month. A video/presentation begins at 6 p.m., followed by a large group discussion at 6:30 p.m., then an optional, informal small group discussion at 7 p.m. ending at 7:20 p.m.
Please feel free to bring your dinner. All are welcome. Follow our blog here.
Tuesday, March 15:
Is the Human Mind Unique? An Evolved and Creative Mind Steven Mithen gives evidence for eight ways in which the mind of Neanderthals and Modern Humans are similar and three ways in which they are significantly different. Our discussion will focus on how we can use our faith and our evolved and creative minds to address issues facing humanity today.
About our presenter:
Laurie Triplett has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and came to LANL in 1996. Her thesis used detailed 3D modeling to help find ways of reformulating gasoline in California. Currently she works on validating computer models of satellite measurements of electromagnetic pulses (EMP) from nuclear detonations and developing multi-phenomenological analyses for treaty monitoring. 
In addition to being a scientist she has recently completed her Masters of Divinity and is currently in the process to be ordained a bi-vocational priest (meaning she will keep her day job) with a tentative date of ordination of June 2016. She is passionate about the combination of faith and science and encouraging respectful dialogue across difference. Laurie is also a wife and mom of two kids, ages 14 and 12.