Faith & Science: A Finely Tuned Universe July 1

This week’s faith and science topic is “A Finely Tuned Universe: its beginnings and dynamics”, presented by Glenn Magelssen.
Scientific evidence suggests that the universe is very old, roughly 13.7 billion years and that it started with a “Big Bang”. Furthermore the physical laws are fine tuned in such a way that galaxies and stars can form allowing nuclear reactions to produce the energy that sustains the “starlight” we see.
The sun is an example of a star that releases energy in a way that allows life on Earth. Scientific evidence will be presented that supports the universe’s age and its beginning. 
The physical laws will be examined to determine how they will provide for the universe we experience.
How do we experience the motion of the earth? How does the vastness of the universe and the life of a star give insight into our own lives? 
Glenn Magelssen has a PhD from the University of Colorado. His scientific research has included solar physics, laser and ion beam fusion, neutral nets, code development and stockpile strewardship. He has studied theology most of his life and taken a four year course called EFM from the University of the South on Old and New Testament, Christian history and Christian Theology.
He has been influenced by many authors including C. S. Lewis, Joseph Sitler, Walter Wangerin, Richard Feynman, John Steinbeck, Clarence Jordan and Paul Tournier.
The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum summer series began June 3 and continues every Wednesday through the end of July at Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill.
Dinner will be provided at 6 p.m., with a presentation at 6:30 p.m. and discussion at 7 p.m., ending around 8 p.m.
Discussion topics follow the book Origins by Deborah and Loren Haarsma, who will visit the first week of August and give presentations Aug. 4-6. It is not necessary to have read the book to come to the presentations. All are welcome. 
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