Explore Your Universe: Astrophysics For Everyone

The destructive bombardment of a planet. Courtesy image

UNM-LA News:

UNM-Los Alamos Community Education will again offer “Explore Your Universe: Modern Astrophysics for Everyone.” The class meets 2:35-3:30 p.m., Tuesdays beginning Jan. 17 and running through May 9.


In this class, students will explore modern, unsolved research problems in astrophysics, guided by mentors who work as astrophysicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory spanning a wide range of expertise. Topics for this class will be guided by students’ individual interests, and might include anything from investigating the life of a star to the nature of dark matter. Students will learn about current outstanding questions in astrophysics, while possibly contributing to solving some of these exciting problems.


During the fall session, students from a wide range of backgrounds explored a huge variety of problems. At the end of the class, students presented on topics ranging from dark matter in individual galaxies, the discovery of the Higgs Boson at the LHC, to what might have come before the Big Bang.


This community education class provides a forum for those who like learning new things, and is open to anyone interested, regardless of his/her math and science background. High school students are encouraged to come by after school on Tuesdays and check it out. The tuition for the course is $30.


To view the variety of classes offered through Community Education, or to register, visit http:// losalamos.unm.edu/community- education/. For more information about UNM-LA Community Education, call 505.662.0345 or email commed@unm.edu.