Ethereal Body Massage Therapy Comes To Los Alamos

Alicia Brito


Los Alamos Daily Post
Ethereal Body Massage Therapy owner Alicia Brito of Santa Fe, is now seeing clients in Los Alamos.

“I am very pleased to be expanding my practice with mobile massage. Mobile massage is a great option for those who are homebound or too busy to go to a studio for massage,” Brito said. “By offering massage at clients’ homes or places of business, more people can receive this therapeutic treatment and incorporate it into their busy schedules. I felt that offering this service in Los Alamos would be ideal for those working long hours at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Brito, 31, a Santa Fe native, has been a licensed massage therapist in New Mexico for six years. She offers a number of modalities through her practice and has a special emphasis on medical massage.

Massage is such an important component for stress relief and pain management. Modalities such as orthopedic procedure can help increase range of motion and be an effective treatment for chronic pain,” Brito said. “Neuromuscular therapy is a fascinating modality because it finds the source of pain within the body, which can be completely different from where the pain manifests.”

Brito completed her initial training at Apollo College in 2007 and has gone on to complete a 300 hour medical massage program through The Scherer Institute. She also received her certification in manual lymphatic drainage.

“Massage has always been something I Iove. Even when I was a little girl I would give my grandmother shoulder massages and she told me I had healing hands,” Brito said. “I have carried this with me throughout my life. My grandmother’s words are why I decided to become a massage therapist and I am very glad that I did. There is something very therapeutic for me giving massage – it helps me stay centered and balanced. As a body worker I have to take care of myself to be an effective therapist. Massage therapy has made me much more sensitive to the energies around me and within me. It is so important to send out positive energy to my clients, if I am not taking care of myself I can’t do this.

Brito explained that she chose the name Ethereal Body Massage Therapy for her business because a definition of ethereal is exquisite, light and otherworldly, which to her conveys the healing experience. 

“I prefer a holistic approach to the healing process. I enjoy incorporating aromatherapy and isochronic tones as part of the therapeutic process,” she said. “Isochronic tones are an amazing tool for healing. When a client requests this in a treatment I find that it helps reduce pain levels and aids in overall relaxation.” 

For those unfamiliar with isochronic tones, Brito said they are regular beats of a single tone used in a process called brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is a deliberate process that synchronizes, or entrains natural brainwaves to that of an external stimulus frequency, that is usually auditory and/or visual in nature. When the brain entrains, it duplicates the frequency of the stimulus, causing a change in the electrical activity in the brain. Each different electrical response produces a different brain state or brainwave frequency. Each different brainwave frequency has a specific pattern and can be designed to induce a certain effect or state of consciousness – see

She also offers lifestyle and wellness assessments. These combine knowledgeable information about mind body and spirit to incorporate a greater sense of health, awareness and empowerment in everyday life. Each one of a kind assessment provides nutrition and exercise information, stress management tools, art creations, aromatherapy and activities for enhanced living.

“I feel very blessed to be doing what I love for a living and getting to help others,” she said.

Ethereal Body Massage Therapy is in the Integrative Holistic Healing Center in Santa Fe. To learn more, click here or call 505.670.0775.

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