Espanola YMCA Teen Center Issues Call for Help

Members of the Espanola YMCA Teen Center sold water to raise much needed funds for the nonprofit organization. Courtesy/EYTC

By Ben Sandoval, director
Española YMCA Teen Center

On Saturday Aug. 4, the Espanola YMCA Teen Center participated in what some are calling the largest cultural display of Northern New Mexico: The inaugural Mainstreet Showdown Lowrider and Custom Bicycle show.

This event was powered by Cultura Promotions, The City of Española and the community therein.

We (EYTC) were asked to participate in the event as a way to help boost funds to our already struggling program.

Through the friendships we have made in Cultura Promotions and the City of Espanola government we were granted the opportunity to sell bottled water during the show and receive a percentage of the net funds made throughout the event.

Through this opportunity, our students and staff were able to raise $4,750, of which $1,750 will be dedicated to the purchase of supplies and products necessary to build two low-rider bikes and custom model cars to show at the Mainstreet Showdown next year to represent the Española YMCA Teen Center.

The remainder of the money is to be applied to operating expenses and maintenance of our building. This very much appreciated amount of money we were able to raise will help lift the spirits of our youth and give us the funds to continue our work with them.


Community call to action:

We are seeking out individuals and businesses that are willing to help match the contribution of $1,750 made by Cultura Promotions for a total of $3,500 to enhance the model car/lowrider bike building to build on this cultural event. Please make note of all donations for this match on your check or by telling the Y staff of your intent to support the match … Thank you in advance for your support; Ben Sandoval, Española YMCA Teen Center Director.

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Cultura Promotions and The City of Española, Mayor Alice Lucero for all of your support and love that you have shown to our program.

The Española YMCA Teen Center has been operating in the Community of Espanola for about five years now. Within those five years, they have been an amazing asset to the community youth. This small organization has opened doors for the teenage youth of our community to grow in positive ways and pursue greater opportunities in life.

Through this program the youth of the valley have learned how to build using their hands and the tools given, they have been taught to cook and bake making sure that they are equipped with the basic skills to survive in an adult life.

The youth have also been exposed to many different cultures, lifestyles and faiths in order to become a more open, loving and caring generation. In all of these and more we have seen success among our youth and the willingness to learn more. Unfortunately, with the economy declining and more and more funding has been cut from not only our individual program but also our mother entity: The Family YMCA in Los Alamos, we are struggling to keep these much needed programs afloat.

Many of our student members are actively pushing for the support we need and are heartbroken at the idea of our program’s current status. We would like to take advantage of this article and its public power to call to action any one person, group or business that may be looking to help fund an honest, positive and rooted organization within your community.

The Espanola YMCA Teen Center is this organization for you. We are working for the community and the future success of our youth through solid and positive reinforcement to give the youth of our valley not only a fighting chance at success but an upper hand by building their knowledge and ability to work hard to achieve their dreams.



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