Environmental Sustainability Board Meets Dec. 20


Environmental Sustainability Board meets at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 20 in the Community Building Training Room at 20th Street and Central Avenue.

The meeting is open to the public.


I. Public Comment
II. Approval of Minutes
III. Committee/Subcommittee Reports
1. Chair Report
a. New Board Member Training Complete
b. January B&C Luncheon and Municipal Building Tour
2. Liaison Reports
(1). Utility Board – Don Machen, Christine Chavez
(2). Planning and Zoning – Deb Gill, Cliff Han Shunsheng
(3). Transportation –Skip Dunn, Reid Priedhorsky
(4). Parks and Recreation –Mary Barr, Melanee Hand
(5). County Council – Fran Berting
IV. Board Business
1. Water and Energy Conservation Plan
2. Sustainability Plan Public Outreach Schedule
3. Science Fair Award Volunteers
4. FY13 Work Plan Development
5. Backyard Fruit Party
6. Distribute Recycle Bins to Churches, Apartment Tenants, etc.
V. Staff Report
1. Glass Cullet in Municipal Building Project
2. Holiday Waste Collection Schedule
3. Winter Brush and Bulk Item Collection
VI. Public Comment
VII. Future Agenda Items
1. Pay-As-You-Throw Update – January
2. ESB Work Plan Development – December/January
VIII. Informational Items

IX. Adjournment



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