Environmental Sustainability Board Meets April 19

County News:

The Environmental Sustainability Board is meeting at 7 a.m. April 19 at the Eco Station Administration Building on East Jemez Road. 

Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order/Roll Call
II. Public Comment
III. Approval of Minutes
IV. Committee/Subcommittee Reports
1. Chair Report
2. Liaison Reports
(1). Utility Board – Steve Tenbrink
(2). Planning and Zoning – Walter Tuzel, Deb Gill
(3). Transportation – Larry Warner, Skip Dunn
(4). Parks and Recreation – Brooke Davis, Mary Barr
(5). County Council – Fran Berting
3. Subcommittee Reports
(1). Holistic downtown parking – Mark Jones, Deb Gill, Skip Dunn, Steve Boerigter
V. Board Business
1. Personal Board Member Motivations
2. ESB Article Review
3. Environmental Sustainability Initiative Update
4. Sustainability Plan Update
5. ESB New Member Recruitment
6. Earth Day Planning
7. June Evening Meeting Planning
VI. Staff Report
1. Landfill Closure Update
2. Clean Up Los Alamos Day
3. NM Recycling Conference (June 19-20 in Albuquerque)
4. Commercial Recycling Rates Update
5. Glass recycling update
6. Get Green Poster Competition
7. LANL/Bandelier/County Green Team Collaboration
VII. Public Comment
VIII. Future Agenda Items
1. Water and Energy Conservation Plan Briefing (May)
2. Pay-As-You-Throw Update (May)
IX. Informational Items
Date of next meeting: 7 a.m. May 17 at the Eco Station


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