Environmental Sampling On DP Road Begins Today

N3B News:

DOE’s Environmental Management Los Alamos Field Office and its contractor, N3B Los Alamos, are preparing for environmental sampling activities beginning today on the south side of DP Road.

In the coming weeks, the public should expect to see approximately 10-15 more vehicles per day, including semi-trucks and 10-wheeler/roll-off trucks. No road closures, delays or detours are expected.

Spotters or signalers with flags may facilitate safe vehicle entry or exit to the site. Operations will occur 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Sampling activities are expected to last until late fall 2021.

The activities are focused on portions of two land parcels (A-16-a and the adjacent A-8-a) on the south side of DP Road. Both parcels were formerly owned by DOE and are now owned by Los Alamos County. The area where the sampling will occur is known as the Middle DP Road (MDPR) Site.

MDPR Site activities will determine the extent of any contamination on these two land parcels.

About N3B

N3B is an HII Nuclear-led company with BWX Technologies, with critical subcontractors Longenecker & Associates and Tech2 Solutions. N3B manages the $1.4 billion, 10-year Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract for the DOE’s Environmental Management Los Alamos Field Office.