Registration Open For PEEC Forest Explorers Club

Registration is now open for PEEC’s Forest Explorers club. This program meets 1-4 p.m. every other Wednesday Jan. 22-April 29 and is for children ages 5 to 8. Photo by Denise Matthews

PEEC News:

Registration is now open for the Pajarito Environmental Education Center’s afterschool club Forest Explorers.

This program provides the opportunity for children, ages 5 to 8, to go on hikes from the nature center for child-directed play in the canyons, creeks and surrounding forest.

This program meets 1-4 p.m. every other Wednesday, Jan. 22 to April 29. Registration is required and space is limited

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2019 Year In Photos In Los Alamos

This photo of a snoozing deer herd received the most attention and was shared around the world following the Jan. 1 winter snowstorm that covered Los Alamos. The owner of this home on Corona in Quemazon went out the following day, Jan. 2, to clear 3 feet of snow off of her hot tub when she encountered this snoozing deer herd on her patioPhoto by Patricia Walls

The sun shines a ring around the solar tree sculpture Wednesday, Jan. 10 in front of the County Municipal Building at 1000 Central Ave. in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by John Gustafson

A female Cooper’s Hawk perches on a fence Saturday

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Daily Postcard: Deer Licks Chops After Devouring Seeds

Daily Postcard: A deer is spotted licking its chops after cleaning out the bird feeder at a residence Wednesday on Orange Street. Photo by Alene Bennett

A deer cleans out every last seed from the bird feeder at a residence on Orange Street. Photo by Alene Bennett

The birds don’t stand a chance with these hungry deer. Photo by Alene Bennett

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Unsafe Ice Conditions Close Monastery Lake To Fishing

Monastery Lake, near Pecos, is closed to fishing until further notice. Courtesy photo

NMDG&F News:

SANTA FE – Monastery Lake, near Pecos, has been closed to fishing until further notice due to unsafe ice conditions.

Ice fishing is not allowed at the Benedictine Monastery lake leased through the Department’s Open Gate program. A thin layer of ice has formed on the lake prompting the closure.

The lake will reopen when there is sufficient open areas of water available to allow fishing from the bank.

Anglers can find good winter trout fishing in the Albuquerque area drains, at Tingley Beach and

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Eagle Nest Lake State Park Open To Ice Fishing

Eagle Nest Lake State Park is now open to ice fishing. Courtesy/webcam

NMDG&F News:

EAGLE NEST – Eagle Nest Lake State Park is now open to ice fishing.

According to the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resource Department’s State Parks Division and the Department of Game and Fish, current measurements indicate that ice thickness exceeds the minimum standards. The State Parks Division and the Department of Game and Fish jointly manage the lake and surrounding area.

The surface of Eagle Nest Lake is now open to walk-in access or access by snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) for ice fishing

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Preview January’s Night Skies At Nature Center Friday

Discover what is coming up in January’s night skies at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 3 in the Los Alamos Nature Center Planetarium. Courtesy/PEEC

PEEC News:

Discover what will be visible in the night sky in the month of January, Friday, Jan. 3 at the Los Alamos Nature Center.

Join Paul Arendt at 7 p.m. for an interactive tour of the heavens in the planetarium that will highlight the planets, star patterns, nebulae and constellations that may be readily observed throughout the month. This program is perfect for beginner stargazers who want to learn more.

In addition to this talk, the nature center will

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CDC Tips For Staying Safe Inside And Out This Winter

Tips for staying warm during a winter storm. Courtesy photo

CDC News:

Winter storms are dangerous. They can bring cold temperatures, power failures, loss of communication services and icy roads.

This can make being outside dangerous, so you should limit your time outside. Although staying indoors as much as possible can help reduce the risk of car crashes and falls on the ice, you may also face hazards inside your home.

Stay Safe Indoors:

Protect yourself and your loved ones during a winter storm. Take extra steps to make sure you heat your home safely, and follow the tips below.

Heat your

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NWS: Today’s High Near 37; Tonight’s Low Around 18

The National Weather Service forecasts today’s high in Los Alamos near 37 with sunny skies and tonight’s low around 18 with a 30 percent chance of snow showers, mainly after midnight and new snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible. Courtesy/NWS

The National Weather Service forecasts wind gusts across the state today. Courtesy/NWS

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Nature On Tap: Updates In Astronomy; Celestial Objects And Expansive Skies Monday, Jan. 6

A black hole. Courtesy/extremetech


The community is invited to join the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) and the Los Alamos Creative District for Nature On Tap at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6 at projectY cowork.

This On Tap will feature a combination of science and cheer with Peter Polko and Felicia Krauss, who will take a light-hearted look at cosmology, the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, and the connection between the two in two 20-minute talks. 

Nature On Tap is sponsored by the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC)

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Prepare For Winter Storms; Extremely Cold Weather

Winter storm. Courtesy/CDC

CDC News:

During extremely cold weather or winter storms, staying warm and safe can be a challenge. Winter storms can bring cold temperatures, power failures, loss of communication services, and icy roads.

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you should know how to prepare your home and your car before a winter storm hits.

According to FEMA , more than 60 percent of people do not have an emergency plan that they have discussed with their household. Here are 5 simple things you can do to start your Emergency Action Plan :

Your Plan

  • Find phone numbers for your physician,

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AGU100 Blogosphere: Llamas Could Help Replenish Plant Life After Glaciers Retreat

Plot used to sample landscapes in the Andes and the Alps. Photo by Anaïs Zimmer/UT-Austin

A llama near the village of Patacancha in the Peruvian Andes. Photo by Lauren Lipuma

AGU100 Blogosphere
  • Unexpected gardeners might help plant communities colonize newly exposed land

The rapid retreat of glaciers from alpine regions around the world could result in widespread ecosystem losses, according to new research. Now, scientists are exploring a hairy solution to this hairy problem in the form of llamas.

As glaciers retreat with increasing speeds, they leave behind bare

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Abiquiu Lake Hosts Annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Count

The annual midwinter eagle count is Saturday at Abiquiu Lake. Courtesy photo
ABIQUIU LAKE The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Abiquiu Lake will host its annual midwinter eagle count event 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020.
The event is free and open to the public.
Volunteers will meet at the Abiquiu Lake Visitor Center. The New Mexico Wildlife Center will present a short educational program on bald eagles. At 10 a.m., volunteers will be directed to various locations around the lake to begin the eagle count.
Volunteers are asked to dress warmly

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NWS: Today’s High Near 36; Tonight’s Low Around 15

The National Weather Service forecasts today’s high in Los Alamos near 36 with mostly sunny skies and tonight’s low around 15. Courtesy/NWS

Conditions at midnight look to be dry and tranquil, yet cold. Temperatures will range from the single digits in the high elevations of northern New Mexico to the low 30’s in east central to southeastern parts of the state. Courtesy/NWS

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Amateur Naturalist: Why Hair And Bristles On Bugs?

Picture 1: A Clouded Sulphur butterfly sips nectar while a nearby honeybee collects pollen. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

Many species of plants produce flowers in spring and the resulting seeds then develop over the summer.

In contrast, the Chamisa bush, also called rabbit bush, becomes covered with bright yellow flowers in the autumn.

It therefore becomes a source of nectar for insects. A single bush may have a variety of insect species busily going from flower to flower at the same time. The insects may be so focused on finding nectar that they stay on the flowers rather than

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County Zero Waste Team Provides Sustainable Holiday And Gift Giving Guide


  • Zero Waste Tip: Give the gift of quality time to family and friends.

Americans throw away 25 percent more waste during the winter holidays than at any other time of the year.

For this holiday season, the Zero Waste Team would like to offer a few ideas to have a sustainable holiday and give gifts with a lower carbon footprint and less waste.

These suggestions can inspire a different approach to make holidays special while reducing material waste and the carbon footprint. The gift of our time and connection with family and friends is often more enjoyable than yet another item.

How to Have

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NNSA Issues Partial Withdrawal Of November 2019 Floodplain Assessment For NM 4/East Jemez; TA-72

NNSA News:
The Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Field Office (NA-LA) has issued a partial withdrawal of the November 2019 Floodplain Assessment for the New Mexico State Route 4 and East Jemez Road Intersection and Floodplain Statement of Findings Technical Area-72 Shooting Range Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos New Mexico(Floodplain Assessment). 
The New Mexico State Route 4 and East Jemez Road intersection Floodplain Assessment analysis is withdrawn. This project has not yet received the funding

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