English Teacher In Turkey Needs Help Building Library

Students at a high school in Kozan, Adana, Turkey utilize a library created by English Teacher Nisa Yildiz. Her sister, Emine Beyza Tutar, a U.S. Postal Service worker in Los Alamos, is asking the community to donate books to the library. Courtesy photo 




Got piles of books, magazines or newspapers just collecting dust? There is an opportunity to decrease those piles and give toward a great cause. Emine Beyza Tutar, a U.S. Postal Service worker in Los Alamos, is hopeful Los Alamos residents will send books and other reading material to her sister, Nisa Yildiz, an English teacher in Kozan, Adana, Turkey.

With the help of USPS National Association of Letter Carriers stewards Terry Jones, Tim Pacheco and Norbert Garcia,  Tutar was able to send three boxes of books to her sister’s classroom but she is hoping to do more.

Her sister’s classroom is need of books including grammar books that range from beginning to advance, audio and visual CDs, magazines on science and health as well as international news, newspapers and story books. Yildiz and Tutar emphasize that any donation of any size is welcomed.

Besides donating books, Tutar said her sister is hopeful Los Alamos residents will volunteer to be pen-pals to her students. “So they can continue the culture of exchanging letters or e-mails to practice their English,” Tutar wrote in an e-mail to the Los Alamos Daily Post.

In a letter addressed to the Los Alamos community, Yildiz said, “My name is Nisa Yildiz and I am a dedicated English teacher in Kozan Sis Mesleki ve Teknik Anatolian High School in Kozan, Adana, Turkey. My passion to learn English started in my early age with the help of my father Ali Yasar Tutar who believes learning English is vital for our future and let me and my two sisters take special classes from the Turkish-American Association in Adana when we were around 12 years of age.”  

She added, “Learning English has been my passion and I chose to get my college education in English. I am a bachelor graduate of English Language and Literature and qualified for teaching English as a second language License for high school kids.”

Yildiz further wrote, “I am quite passionate about what I do. Unfortunately, my school has very limited sources for me. I had some projects done already in my school such as turning one of the hallways into English Street (Ingilizce Sokagi) with learning materials hung on the walls and also with my budget I got shelves built with the letters READ, but sadly we do not have enough books to build our little library.  I have talked to my sister Emine Beyza Tutar who works for the USPS in Los Alamos, NM, USA about my project. She prepared some donated books and with the help of NALC stewards Tim Pacheco, Terry Jones and Norbert Garcia who financially supported to send three boxes of donated books to my school. My students were very excited and happy while they were unpacking these books.”

If interested in donating, the mailing address is:

Attn: Nisa Yildiz

Kozan Sis Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Tastekin Sk. No: 127

01540 Kozan, Adana



​For more information on how to become a pen pal to one of Yildiz’s students, contact Yildiz at 90.505.617.4229 or dnyildiz@hotmail.com


Three boxes of books sent by local stewards of the National Association of Letter Carriers gets unpacked. Courtesy photo