Endowment Created For Duane Smith Auditorium

From left, President of the Los Alamos Community Foundation, DSA Technical Director Ryan Daly, Kelly Myers, Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus, Joan Smith Brown, and Executive Director of the Los Alamos Community Foundation Rachel Kizielewicz. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

The Alamos Public Schools and the Los Alamos Community Foundation are excited to announce the official creation of the Endowment for Duane Smith Auditorium. The Endowment was established to preserve the auditorium in perpetuity and provide financial support for related education programs.

Endowment proceeds will be used to fund the preservation needs of this valuable resource that serves not only LAPS, but the entire community.

The fund was initiated by Duane Smith’s daughter, Kelly Myers, and Smith’s wife, Joan Smith Brown. It honors his legacy as the well-loved former superintendent of Los Alamos Public Schools. “Dad spent a lot of time in this building, both in the audience and on the stage,” Myers said. “It was an honor for me and my mom to put together this endowment.”

Duane Smith Auditorium is not only the largest venue in the community, but perhaps one of the most valued. “If you go up to any family here, you’ll probably find more than one generation who has made use of DSA’s facilities in one way or another,” Myers said. Myers and Brown are grateful for the schools’ and community’s commitment to the auditorium. Their hope is that this fund helps to ease the burden of upkeep.

Donations can be made to the fund two ways: via check or online. Checks can be mailed to the Los Alamos Community Foundation at P.O. Box 1225, Los Alamos, NM 87544, with “Endowment for Duane Smith Auditorium” in the memo line. Online donations can be made through the foundation’s website at www.losalamoscf.org under “Giving,” then “Donate Now.” Please denote “Endowment for Duane Smith Auditorium” in the notes field. 

Additional questions on ways to give to the fund can be directed to Rachel Kizielewicz, Executive Director of the Los Alamos Community Foundation, at rachel@losalamoscf.org or 505.661.4420.