End-Of-Year Newsletter From Our Family To Yours

Los Alamos
Dear Friends and Family,
I hope that this end-of- year update letter from our family will find you all in good health, and ready to embark on the adventures that the New Year will bring. We have been very busy here in our little mountain town of Los Alamos. It is so nice to look back on the year and to reminisce about so many wonderful events.
I can’t believe we have lived in Los Alamos over 20 years! We still love it here, and are continually amazed by the beautiful surroundings. I am attaching to this email 217 photos we took of stunning sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, snow-covered mountains, funky-looking clouds, more sunsets, star-studded nights, panoramic photographs of the Milky Way, comets, more sunsets, and the occasional crappy Monday. The photograph that is completely blue is not overexposed; it is the completely cloudless sky we enjoyed one day last May.
Los Alamos is finally becoming a hopping place. We now have several coffee shops, two brew pubs, a wine tasting room, an art gallery, a fine chocolatier, and a chalkboard in the middle of the street. They ran out of chalk during the chalkboard opening night and had to bring portable whiteboards from UNM-LA. I’ll tell you, some people can riff some really mean quantum chromodynamics, it’s strong interaction stuff. I am attaching 307 Meg of LaTex files containing highlights of that crazy evening.
I am attaching 147 pictures of our family going for a hike around town, enjoying our miles and miles of nature trails. Now that the Los Alamos Canyon Rim Trail is finally complete, I believe we have the only Mobius Strip walking trail in North America. The views are stunning; you wouldn’t believe how different the Sangre de Cristo Mountains look upside down. I thought that the County Councilor who thought of this was a complete doofus, but I have to admit now that I am enjoying this latest amenity, I think he is only as incompetent as the rest of them.
We are blessed to live surrounded by wildlife and we get to take a peek at those critters that live in our neighborhood. Attached are 357 pictures of bears dumpster diving, mountain lions carting off small pets, deer in front of lawns juggling fire torches, and hummingbirds feeding. I think you will especially enjoy the one where so many hummingbirds crowded around our feeder that I had to install a tiny-tiny take-a- number dispenser.
Well, I hope that you enjoy reading about the latest here, and we would love to hear from you as well. Of course, this is a mass email blast, so I have no idea who you are, but nevertheless, I pray that 2017 will bring health and happiness to you and yours.