Emerging Media Month Draws Thousands To Santa Fe

NolanTredway Memory Garden. Courtesy/CURRENTS
EMA News:
SANTA FE You know Santa Fe for spectacular views and outdoor adventure, regional culture and cuisine, and extraordinary arts, but now a new kind of magic awaits you.
The oldest state capital in the United States will soon be overtaken by creators, makers, tech wizards, artists and everyone in between for the first-ever Emerging Media Month—and you’re invited to strap in and enjoy the ride.
“I’m delighted to see so many talented and visionary people coming together in Santa Fe for this unparalleled convergence of creativity and innovation this summer,” said new Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber, founder of Fast Company Magazine. “For centuries, Santa Fe has been the confluence of cultural exchange, and the evolution of technology is making the world of emerging media an incredible space right now. It’s an exciting time to be in The City Different.”
Here are a few Emerging Media Month highlights, most of them FREE:
  • June 8 – 24, FREE
  • This is the preeminent new media arts festival in the United States.
  • June 7 – 8, FREE
  • The complexity science capital of the world premiers the first annual InterPlanetary Festival to bring together space enthusiasts from around the world for a two-day celebration of human ingenuity.
  • June 14, 7 p.m., Suggested Donation
  • Emerging Media Alliance officially launches a new era of synergy between the arts, sciences & technology with an “un-conference” and dance party. You can say you were there when it all began.
  • June 15, 2018 – May 1, 2019, FREE
  • Art House presents a survey of new digital art showcased in an interactive display chamber called a hyperspace—an immersive projection area controlled by visitors who can select from a menu of artworks to view.
  • June 9 – 10, $265
  • Leaders of the maker movement journey to Santa Fe to connect and generate robust collaborations.
What Is Emerging Media?
Emerging media is new expression that constantly evolves. Examples include virtual reality, social media, video, interactive storytelling, artificial intelligence or AI, augmented reality, 3D printers, digital imaging, and immersive art. Artists, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, curators, museums, audiences and really all of us engage with emerging media every day.
About Emerging Media Alliance
EMA stimulates the arts, sciences, and technology. Santa Fe is a preeminent cultural hub of emerging media and new media art. We galvanize and amplify the rich and diverse community already dedicated to this work and we bring the magic to new audiences around the globe.
Membership includes community leaders and representatives of world class organizations including CURRENTS NEW MEDIA, Meow Wolf, Littleglobe, SITE Santa Fe, The Thoma Foundation, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico School for The Arts, form & concept, 12 FPS, MAKE Santa Fe, Descartes Labs, Mindshare Labs, Simply Social Media, and Santa Fe Network.
EMA is a project of the Santa Fe Film and Digital Media Commission, established by the mayor and city council.

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