Elk Ridge Mobile Home Park Management Responds To Resident Concerns

Elk Ridge Mobile Home Park. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos Daily Post

A spokesman for Yes! Communities, the company that manages the Elk Ridge Mobile Home Park on East Jemez Road apologized Wednesday for the confusing policy and communication recently at the park.

South Central Division Vice President Kim Kurz told the Los Alamos Daily Post that some of the items were not handled with the standard Yes! Approach.

“It was never our intention to alarm or upset our valued residents,” Kurz said.

Some residents reacted with fear and anger to a letter distributed at the park June 13 by a company manager and reported that threats of fines and evictions were being made by a manager prompting them to seek help from tenant-landlord rights groups.

Many residents said they were upset by the tone of the unsigned letter calling it poorly written and inflammatory. A provision in the letter that rent is due on the first of the month, will be considered late on the second and tenants will be “scheduled for eviction” on the sixth of every month, particularly concerned some residents.

Kurz said the company is excited to announce that a new, permanent community manager will take her position at the end of this week and that she will be thoroughly coached on handling all items “the Yes! way”.

With regard to the Community Living Guidelines, Kurz said each resident is provided with a copy of the guidelines at the time they sign their lease and is responsible for reading, signing and agreeing to abide by them in order to move into the community.

Kurz said some residents were concerned that their account would be under legal collections if they waited to pay on the third of the month after they received their social security payments but that that is not the case. She said the company has electronic fund transfer available for residents to set up automatic payments to Yes! on the fifth of the month to ensure no late fees are incurred.

“We value our residents and look forward to introducing the new community manager to them later this week. We understand there are a number of specific questions residents have regarding the guidelines and we look forward to working amicably together to address them,” she said.

Kurz said the new manager will be onsite and will post normal office hours and make arrangements to meet with individual tenants. She said any future community-wide communications will be reviewed by the company prior to distribution.