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Los Alamos Federation of Republican Women Meets March 14

The Los Alamos Federated Republican Women will hold its monthly meeting at 7 p.m., March 14, at UNM-LA, Building 2, Room 203.
The guest speaker will be Frances Fernandes who is president of the Santa Fe Federated Republican Women.
Members are reminded to bring non-perishable food items and toiletries for the LAFRW charity.
All Replubicans are encouraged to attend.
For more information, contact Donna MacDonald at 662-4001.
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Governor Calls Out Rep. Garcia Richard

Gov. Susana Martinez

Los Alamos Daily Post

This morning on the KRSN AM 1490 morning show, Gov. Susana Martinez accused Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard of breaking her campaign promise to voters in Los Alamos with regard to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants (House Bill 606.)

Garcia Richard is on record during her campaign for favoring the repeal of the current law, which grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, saying “It’s a bad law that needs to be changed.”

It appears Garcia Richard was trying to do just that through her vote yesterday. Read More

NM House of Representatives Highlights March 5



On the Floor

  • House Education Committee Substitute For House Bill 27 (“Expand Lottery Scholarship Eligibility”) sponsored Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton, passed the House with a vote of 49-13. The legislation will extend the Legislative Lottery Scholarship eligibility to students who are accepted to attend a two-year state educational institution within two years of completion of a high school curriculum at a public or accredited private NM high school, receiving a high school equivalency diploma, beginning service in the US armed forces, or honorable service or medical
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Council Approves Certification of Canvassing Committee Results of 2012 General Election

Los Alamos County Clerk Janet Foster addresses Council during the Council meeting tonight in Council Chambers. The Council unanamously approved the results of the Canvassing Committee and directed the County Clerk to certify the results to the State Canvassing Board in conformity with applicable New Mexico election law. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com Read More

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Informative Column

By JJ Maier
Los Alamos

Dear Ralph, et al,

My perception is that the “media” needs a ‘close race’ in order to retain the purchase of commercial time by both “sides”,and thereby maintain their seriously large financial income streams from same.

Facts and benefits to the “People/community” have become unimportant and are no longer a consideration, even though that is the commitment they supposedly make to utilize “the airwaves, which belong to the People.”

Thanks for your informative column.

(Los Alamos Daily Post Nov. 9, 2012: “Thoughts from a – hopefully – Enlightened Skeptic” Read More

Column: Analytical Failures in the 2012 Election Results with Implications for Other Topics of Importance

Thoughts from a – hopefully – Enlightened Skeptic
By Ralph E. Chapman

To listen to the pundits before the election you would think that anything could have happened last Tuesday when we all went to the polls.  

The mainstream media was emphasizing just how close the election was going to be and that Mr. Obama was potentially in grave danger of becoming a one-term president.

If you listened to the conservative pundits you were assured that good, as they define it, would win out over evil; some suggested it would be a rout with Gov. Romney getting over 300 electoral votes.

As an aside, I find it interesting Read More

LAHS Students Hold Mock Election

From left, Los Alamos High School senior Nicholas Hill cast his ballot as “election workers” Isabelle Coons, senior, and Grace Montano, junior, participate in the LAHS Presidential Mock Election. Photo by Maire O’Neill
LAHS News:
President Barack Obama won the Presidential Mock Election at Los Alamos High School Tuesday, earning 51 percent of the student vote.
Gov. Mitt Romney received 37 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent and Virgil Goode, Jill Stein and Ross Anderson received less than one percent each.
The election was organized
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Election 2012 Wrap Up

Robert Gibson, Bonnie J. Gordon, JoAnn Johnson and Karen Kendall review poll results. Photo by Salvador Zapien/ladailypost.com
By Carol A. Clark
The Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office reports that Los Alamos County voters cast 10,684 ballots in the 2012 General Election, which came to a close Tuesday night. 
The majority of those votes were cast early or absentee with 3,528 cast on election day, Nov. 6.
Voters approved all four proposed Charter Amendments, which was a highly contested issue throughout the campaign season. 
LAGRI President
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On the Mesa Facing North: A Big Night for Local Democrats


Column by Greg Kendall
Los Alamos Democrats celebrated election results that were very much to their liking. A group of them were seen cheering the national, state and local wins at the new Pajarito Brewpub & Grill late Tuesday night.
With Obama taking the Presidency,  Martin Heinrich taking the former senate seat of Sen. Jeff Bingaman and Ben Ray Lujan returning to the House of Representatives, the national scene gave local Democrats something big to cheer about, and they did.
In Los Alamos, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, Heinrich
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BREAKING NEWS: Los Alamos Election Results

The voters have spoken and their new Los Alamos County Councilors are Democrats Kristin Henderson and Pete Sheehey, center, and Republican Steve Girrens. The newly elected councilors will be sworn in at a ceremony next month to officially take office Jan. 1. Photo by Salvador Zapien/ladailypost.com

The Los Alamos Daily Post news team at the Justice Center election night from left, Photographer Sal Zapien, Webmaster/Reporter Greg Kendall, Lifestyles Editor Bonnie J. Gordon, Publisher Carol A. Clark and Election Results Analyst Karen Kendall. Photo by Sharon Stover.

Staff report

Voters Read More

Updated Prelminary Results

From left, Bonnie J. Gordon and JoAnn Johnson review the latest poll numbers as Katy Korkos speaks with County Councilor Rick Reiss in the lobby of the Justice Center this evening. Photo by Salvador Zapien/ladailypost.com

Below, preliminary results reflect all early voting, absentee, Trinity on the Hill and Community Center ballots. Results from ballots cast at the White Rock Fire Station have not yet come in.

Stephanie Richard   4,339
James Hall   4,804
Peter Sheehey   4,277
Michael Redando   3,197
Kristin Henderson
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Preliminary Results – Early, Absentee & Community Center

Early Voting, Absentee & Community Center Election Day (machine #1)

Campaigns review voting results at Justice Center on Election Night. Photo by Salvador Zapien/ladailypost.com

Stephanie Richard   3,559
James Hall   3,712
Peter Sheehey   3,503
Michael Redando   2,659
Kristin Henderson   3,575
Marc Clay   3,140
Vincent Chiravalle   3,082
Steven Girrens   3,313
Nathan Hjelm   2,729
Sharon Stover   4,217
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Early Voting Prelminary Results

Early Voting Preliminary Results (White Rock, Community Building & County Clerk)

Stephanie Richard   2,987
James Hall   3,063
Peter Sheehey   2,977
Michael Redando   2,232
Kristin Henderson   3,022
Marc Clay   2,603
Vincent Chiravalle   2,548
Steven Girrens   2,738
Nathan Hjelm   2,281
Sharon Stover   3,507
For   3,145
Against   2,456
For   2,917
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Election Day is Here! Access ladailypost.com at 7 p.m. for Live Coverage


Election day is here and when the polls close at 7 p.m. today, the Los Alamos Daily Post news team will begin video streaming all of the ensuing election night excitement live from the Los Alamos Justice Center on ladailypost.com.

Watch candidate interviews and see up-to-the-minute election results throughout the evening on ladailypost.com.

The Los Alamos Daily Post also will publish continuing election results for all local, regional, statewide and national races to Facebook and Twitter throughout the evening.

Voting locations: Read More

Local Voter Lines Have Been Steady All Day

Voting has been steady but not crowded at the Trinity on the Hill voting location near Trinity Drive and Diamond Drive so far today, according to a poll worker. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost.com

Voters wait in line today at the Community Building at 20th Street near Cenral Avenue. Democratic Election Clerk Jennifer Lathrop told the Los Alamos Daily Post that the process has been going smoothly and there has been a steady line of voters spilling out the door since this morning. Poll Judge George Chandler estimates that about 800 people have voted as of 2:30 p.m. today at the Community Building  Read More

Fuller Lodge Art Center Offers ‘Tax Free’ Shopping Day


  • Celebrate our Freedom to Vote

Come by the Art Center after you vote for a Tax Free Shopping Day

To help you take a break from thinking about the government (after you vote), the Art Center

is offering a “tax free” shopping day. We’ll even serve sparkling cider! On Tuesday Nov. 6,

we will cover the tax on any purchases you make here. Say “I voted!” and we’ll even offer

you a sticker:


Letter to the Editor: Vaccines – My Body My Choice

By Tara Mara
Los Alamos

Respectfully, I must take issue with the tone of Dr. Tom’s Letter to the Editor regarding the group of parents who met with their representative to discuss infringement of personal liberties.

The CDCs Recommended Vaccine Schedule is exactly that, a recommendation and I personally take their opinion into consideration before I make decisions about MY CHILD’s health.

The issue here that Dr. Tom fails to acknowledge is that this is not a vaccine issue but a parental rights issue.

No one is questioning the legitimacy of the vaccination program en mass or their personal physicians Read More

Letter to the Editor: Concern Over Parental Rights, Not Vaccine Program

By Vivian Westfall
Los Alamos

This is in response to the letter to the editor by Dr. Tom Csanadi, “Vaccines-Elected Officials Should Not Feed Fear and Misinformation.”

There are several of us who were concerned over the recent changes to the vaccine exemption forms through the Department of Health (DOH.)

The concern was not that exemptions must be filed if one does not follow the vaccine schedule rigidly, but rather a concern that there is specific religious information being gathered and some parents were being turned down.

The challenge we parents find ourselves in is not one Read More

Letter to the Editor: People Should Celebrate Success

By David Jones
Los Alamos

After many years in small business enterprises, I’m now trying to help entrepreneurs survive long enough to generate cash flow.

My passion for building homegrown businesses and creating jobs means that I want to know how political candidates plan to facilitate the success of growing businesses.

I personally know (Rep.) Jim Hall and have asked him many questions. I believe he has many good ideas and he is clearly committed to this area and it’s economic development.

(House Dist. 43 candidate) Stephanie (Garcia) Richard has also spoken with me and I’ve asked her similar Read More


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