Egolf: Stephanie Garcia Richard Is A Champion Who Deserves Reelection

By BRIAN EGOLF, Democratic Leader
New Mexico House of Representatives

Los Alamos and all of House District 43 are incredibly lucky to have a true champion representing you in the New Mexico House of Representatives: Stephanie Garcia Richard. I know Stephanie well and have seen how hard she works for the people she represents. I hope the voters give her another two years to fight for them in the House.

Today, true public servants are hard to find; public servants who put their constituents above all else are even harder to find. Stephanie Garcia Richard always puts her constituents first, even before political party labels. For Stephanie, representing the people is a higher calling and more important work than representing a political viewpoint. This is what makes her such an effective leader and representative.

I know that Stephanie is willing to cross party lines when she thinks it’s the right thing to do. I saw this first-hand when she stood firmly in support of a driver’s license fix that guarantees a REAL ID ACT-compliant solution. She knew it was important to so many of her constituents who need to access federal facilities, and she stayed focused on the solution regardless of the political party that was offering it.

Stephanie is a powerful voice on the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, the committee charged with crafting how the state spends its precious resources. I have seen her time and time again ask tough questions of state government officials, and working tirelessly until she gets the answers needed to ensure that we are making wise decisions. It’s not easy work, but Stephanie never steps back from her responsibilities or shies away from tough problems.

It is her judgment and commitment that make Stephanie a perfect fit for the district she proudly represents. Her courage and focus speak to her votes across a wide range of issues: from education policy to funding behavioral health; from infrastructure improvement to encouraging efficient technology transfers; and from defending our Constitutional liberties to diversifying our economy. Stephanie has also been strong in her demand for tougher penalties for DWI offenders and in her fight to make sure repeat violent offenders are held accountable in ways that keep our communities safe.

While Stephanie and I may not always vote the same way on a bill or see eye-to-eye on every issue, I can say without hesitation that she is an excellent representative who never lets party politics get in the way of doing what is right for her constituents. From my conversations in House District 43, I know that many of you feel the same way. I hope you’ll send her back to continue working for you next year.