Efforts For Local Recreational Facilities Continue

During the public comment period at Tuesday’s County Council meeting, Shelby Redondo urges Councilors to use exisiting Capital Improvement Project funds to proceed with a multi-generational pool. The pool was one of the projects proposed in the recreation bond that voters failed to pass during last month’s special election. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ladailypost.com


​The recreation bond may have failed to pass during May’s special election, but the effort to bring recreational facilities to the County persists. During Tuesday’s regular County Council meeting in Council Chambers, Vice Chair Susan O’Leary reported that she and Councilor James Chrobocinski are working with a group of citizens to determine the next steps to bring more recreational facilities to the community.

O’Leary also requested that a discussion regarding the future of the bond’s proposed projects be included as an agenda item during an upcoming regular Council meeting. There are many in the community who are advocating for these recreational facilities, O’Leary said, and the desire to have these amenities is not going away. 

​Statements made during the meeting’s public comment period supported O’Leary’s point. Los Alamos resident Shelby Redondo spoke in favor of moving forward with a multi-generational pool. Redondo argued that the multi-generational pool deserves to be built because it fulfills a need in the community. She pointed out that one fourth of Los Alamos High School graduates cannot swim and less people who know how to swim means less lifeguards at different pools.

Redondo said that the cost for the pool will only increase.

“Now is the time for the Council to act,” she said. “You have the funds to build the pool today.”

Redondo was not the only one in the audience that voiced support for the multi-generational pool; Jody Benson and Irene Powell also asked the Council to proceed with the pool.