Letter To The Editor: HB33 – Taxing Los Alamos For Non-resident Education And Ambiguous Projects

Los Alamos

My information may be out of date, but last time I checked, the Los Alamos public schools accepted students that were not Los Alamos residents. The
school’s funding came from a headcount, so the more students there were, the more funding they received. There was no requirement that the students be county residents. This is the first item with which I take issue. I am being taxed to educate non-residents.

Similar to the attempted levy for the Los Alamos branch of the University of New Mexico, my tax dollars were going to be spent on resources for people that were not proportionately

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LAPS Classes Dismiss At Regular Time Today

LAPS News:

Los Alamos Public Schools staff have been in contact with Los Alamos National Laboratory and the national weather service all morning to monitor weather conditions.

Based upon the latest information, school will dismiss at the normal time today – Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016.

Please exercise extreme caution as temperatures drop and when leaving school. Any decision about tomorrow will be coordinated with LANL and communicated by 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

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Letter to the Editor: Clarification Of Taxing Authority

Los Alamos Councilor

I read Mr. Gerald Antos’ letter this morning (Jan. 5, 2016) and was reminded that our tax systems are complex and many people confuse school taxes and County taxes.  While I am not going to discuss the continuation of a tax or reduction of a tax, it is appropriate to distinguish where these taxes originate.

First, there is an invisible wall between a New Mexico county (any county) and a public school district. The school district is funded by the State through a complex funding formula. There are few opportunities for the citizens of a county to add to

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Letter To The Editor: ‘Learning Dishonesty By Example’

Los Alamos
Most young people learn best by the example displayed by their parents, siblings, teachers and peers.
Recently the local school administration has been setting a bad example for the students demonstrating dishonesty and involving the student in that dishonesty. Let me explain:
In the state of New Mexico school funds are distributed by a process which depends on counting the number of students three times a school year. These are called the 40 day count, the 80 day count, and the 120 day count.
These one day counts of students determines

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UNM-LA Offers Free High School Equivalency Prep Classes

Students find many opportunities available to them once they earn their HSE. Courtesy/UNM-LA

UNM-LA News:

The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos’ (UNM-LA) Adult Basic Education office is offering free New Mexico High School Equivalency (HSE) prep classes beginning Monday, Jan. 11 and running through Wednesday, May 4.

UNM-LA Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program Coordinator, Jane Clements, Ph.D. says, “We’re very pleased with the response we’ve received for this class in the past few months and are hoping that more students make the choice to enroll for this upcoming session.”

The New Mexico

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SFI Seminar: ‘Big History’ Thursday Jan. 7

Simon DeDeo, Indianda University; SFI External Professor
SFI News:
The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is hosting “Big History” with SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo at 12:15 p.m., Thursday Jan. 7 at the Collins Conference Room in Santa Fe.
Abstract: When did the French Revolution become revolutionary? How did pre-20th Century London manage violence? How did Charles Darwin synthesize Victorian science to write the Origin of the Species?
Newly-digitized historical archives provide the raw material that can answer questions like these, and information

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Nature On Tap At UnQuarked Thursday Jan. 7


Nature On Tap begins at 5:30 p.m. this Thursday, Jan. 7 at UnQuarked Wine Room, 145 Central Park Square in downtown Los Alamos.

The speaker is Park Ranger Jorge Moldonado who will be discussing the National Park Service anniversary. The National Park Service and one of its jewels in New Mexico, Bandelier National Monument, will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2016.

Join ranger Jorge Maldonado for a discussion on what it means to celebrate 100 years of preservation, how this major occasion will be commemorated, and how you can participate.

Sponsored by the 

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To Sustain Astronauts’ Mental Health, Dartmouth-Led Team Testing Virtual Reality Tech In Arctic Isolation

Professor Robert Stone
University of Birmingham


HANOVER, N.H. – Dartmouth physician and former astronaut Jay Buckey is leading a team of international investigators testing new virtual reality technology in the remote Arctic this winter.

Their goal is to see whether simulated natural beauty can relieve the psychological challenges of living in the isolated confines of deep space travel.

The test site is the Canadian Forces Station Alert (CFS Alert), the most northerly, permanently inhabited location in the world, only 817 kilometers from the geographic North Pole. The

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Letter To The Editor: A Vote For HB33 Does Not Increase Taxes

By KURT STEINHAUS, Superintendent
Los Alamos Public Schools

The January 2016 Special Election provides an opportunity to support students and teachers in Los Alamos.

A vote for the HB33 Mill Levy does not increase taxes and will help fund classroom computers, equipment for physical education and music programs, activity busses,  heating and cooling systems, and even roof repairs. The HB33 funding also pays for preventative building maintenance that, in the long run, saves money for our schools. 

Yes, it is all about our students and teachers. Imagine a school-age student who

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Letter To The Editor: Vote Yes On School HB33 Mill Levy

Los Alamos School Elections Committee

In January, Los Alamos voters will have an important opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to education when mail ballots are sent out to approve continuance of HB33 Mill Levy in support of the Los Alamos Public Schools. 

Approval will NOT increase property tax rates, but WILL provide over $13 million across six years for student technology and network infrastructure as well as funds for musical instruments, athletic supplies and equipment, heating and cooling projects and restroom upgrades for older buildings across the District,

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2015 Top Stories Of The Year

From left, Los Alamos County Council Chair Kristin Henderson, former Councilor Fran Berting, Los Alamos Historical Society Executive Director Heather McClenahan, Dr. Ben Neal, second from right, and at far right, Bandelier Superintendent Jason Lott join U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, and seated, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz at this morning’s signing ceremony, in Washington, D.C., to officially establish the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Courtesy/NPS

MPNHP Field Team leader Arthur Knox wowed

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Community And Alumni Meeting Targets $10 Million XQ Super School Project Grant Proposal

LAHS drama instructor David Daniel leads a XQ Grant Proposal discussion Dec. 30 at Los Alamos Teen Center along with LATC Director Sylvan Argo and Assistant Director George Marsden. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

The work group to explore ideas for a $10 million educational grant to submit to the XQ Super School Project met Wednesday evening, Dec. 30 at the new Los Alamos Teen Center (LATC).

More than 30 community members including many Los Alamos high school alumni as far back as 1962 attended along with various school officials and teachers. Five young people in attendance were 2016 graduates. The

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About HB33 Referendum School Board Resolution


The Los Alamos Public Schools Board unanimously supports the upcoming HB33 Mill Levy Election.

All voters residing within the boundaries of the Los Alamos Public School District who are registered by Dec. 29, 2015 are eligible to vote. Los Alamos County Clerk will mail the ballot to all registered voters. You need not be a property owner or have students attending public schools.

What Is The HB33 Mill Levy?

Approved by voters since 1988

  • Provides public schools with funds for capital improvements expenditures, including student technology, and large maintenance projects.

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Diabetes Mellitus – A Problem Sneaking Up On Us

By Toshi Shiina, James Ziomek, MD, Mary Beugelsdijk, RN
We are facing a diabetes epidemic. The CDC reported that, in 2014, more than 29 million Americans (about one in 11 people) had diabetes – a 10 percent increase from 2010.
The concerning fact is that one in four people with diabetes do not know that they have it.
[1] While scientific research is still in progress, we know that certain groups of people are known to be at higher risk of having diabetes. The known risk factors for diabetes which we cannot control are: age, genetics, race,

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Craig Martin: What PEEC Means To Me

Craig Martin

PEEC News:

My mentor told me I should always be connected to the place I live. PEEC understands that connecting who we are, where we are, and why we live in the place we do is so important to our basic happiness.

Our canyons, mesas, mountains, and skies are why I live here. I think many people feel the same–they love and understand that special connection to our landscape.

Donating to make the nature center building happen was amazing for me. I continue to give, because I know PEEC has the potential to do even more. Please join me.

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New Mexico History Museum January Events

A child tries her hand at a type of traditional hide painting at the New Mexico History Museum. Courtesy photo
NMHM News:
SANTA FE — Starting Jan. 17, the New Mexico History Museum inaugurates a monthly program for children, families and the young at heart. 
Family Fun Day occurs 1:30-3:30 p.m., the third Sunday of each month. Participants will learn about an aspect of New Mexico history as museum educators and special guests guide them through various take-home craft projects.
Family Fun Days are designed to accommodate drop-ins

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Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers Reach Out To Help Others

Members of the Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers put up the new vollyball net they purchased for the school with their own funds. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

The Barranca Mesa Elementary School Natural Helpers are devoted to helping their school and community.

Natural Helpers is a group where peers learn to help peers. They have been participating in this club for approximately three months now. Its main goal is to help the school and students.

Recently, Barranca Natural Helpers purchased a new volleyball net. The net was paid for out of the Helper’s own money. The old net has

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