EDJ Ink Saves PEEC Money And Volunteer Hours

Patrick Brenner of EDJ ink. Courtesy photo
PEEC News:
“It can be so frustrating…” said Sandra West, marketing manager for Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC)…. “if you send the same file to different printers, you can end up get with two entirely different colors.”
PEEC has been in the process of rebranding, and it was important for them to maintain a consistent look. Unfortunately, when using different printers the results can be inconsistent. When PEEC approached Patrick Brenner, owner of EDJ ink, color consistency was a main concern.
“I voiced my concern from the very beginning,” West said. “He brought some samples and reassured me that it would work out.”
“It’s nice to be able to talk to him in person,” PEEC Executive Director Katie Watson said. “We could hand him our brochure and ask him to match the color. He obviously cares that he gets it done right.”


“We just learned about EDJ ink this year. He’s printed a few different projects for us, and we’re still finding out what he can do,” West said.

One service that he provides, collating complex marketing pieces, saved PEEC countless volunteer hours. One of their marketing pieces needed to be assembled, and in the past they sent it to a printer that didn’t offer collating service, so PEEC volunteers had to put the marketing package together. But this year they didn’t have time for that.
This summer has been very busy at the Los Alamos Nature Center, and the volunteers and staff had a lot to do. They asked the volunteers what they were interested in doing, and learned that they wanted to interact with the visitors, and help with the programs. They were not as interested in assembling printed materials. Brenner was able to put the project together, and deliver the final product so that the volunteers didn’t have to put in those hours.
“There was an added cost, but we considered the value of the volunteers’ time and decided it was worth it,” West said.
Over the past year Brenner has printed several marketing pieces for PEEC including brochures, an annual report and quarterly newsletter sent to 750 members.
“It’s nice to work with local companies because that means that money stays in town. But we also have to be good stewards of our donors’ contributions and County funds, so we need to find a good price,” Watson said. “We had been using big, out-of-state companies for a lot of our print jobs. You would think that the local company would be more expensive, but it was actually less expensive. The work is always good. He is accommodating and professional, plus, he delivers so you don’t have to pay for shipping.”
For more information about EDJ ink, visit www.edj.ink, call 505.908.9335 or email support@edj.ink.