Earth Day Statement From The Nature Conservancy

By Justin Adams
Global Managing Director, Lands

We’re absolutely thrilled to see so much public support out on the streets for science and scientists. My field of environmental science has probably never been more important as today – and yet it has never felt more insecure. It is environmental science that tells us that natural climate solutions – planting trees and using less fertilizer, for example – are as important as solar panels and electric cars in the fight against climate change. 

The Earth Day Network’s mission to plant a tree for every person by 2020 is a good example and could have a massive impactTNC is well on the way to support this goal with our own Plant a Billion Trees campaign. This is all based on a scientific understanding of how to address the world’s environmental challenges. Continuing to build that understanding could not be more important given the extent to which we are altering the natural world around us.

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