DWI Planning Council Releases Survey Results


The Los Alamos County DWI Planning Council recently conducted a survey via Open Forum to find out information about the community’s perception of DWI and to solicit input on how to spend annual alcohol tax distribution funds.

The survey yielded 117 responses during the 5-week period it was open (June 29 – Aug. 5). The age of responders ranged from 15 to over 60 with the highest percent responding in the 41-50 age category (23 percent) and 93 percent of responders are residents of Los Alamos County with an average residency of 16 years.

Responses indicate that there is an awareness of some of the activities and programs that the DWI Planning Council participates in and/or sponsors such as Senior Appreciation Night, Los Alamos Health Fair and PSA ads at the Reel Deal Movie Theater.

When asked in what area the DWI Planning Council should focus spending efforts, prevention ranked #1 followed by treatment and enforcement. The responders showed overwhelming support for a designated driver program (69 percent said they would take advantage of it) and a safe ride program (68 percent said they or someone they knew would take advantage of it) and 84.5 percent of those who would take advantage of a safe ride program also said they would pay a fee for this service.

The DWI Planning Council is incorporating the results of this survey along with local and state data as part of a 3-part Strategic Planning effort taking place October through December. The DWI Planning Council members feel it is important to have this data from community members to help guide decisions in how to spend time and resources in the next few years with the ultimate goal of eliminating DWI in Los Alamos County.

DWI Planning Council Acting Chair Diane Noveroske thanks all who participated in the survey. 

“We wanted citizen input on their perception of the DWI situation in Los Alamos County and how we should best spend our money,” she said. “Prevention has always been an important component of the distribution monies. We are very excited to use this data to develop new programs such as safe ride and designated driver. We spoke with the establishments in town that serve alcohol and they support and appreciate our efforts to reduce DWI.”

Direct questions or to express interest in joining the DWI Planning Council to DWI Program Coordinator Kirsten Bell at kirsten.bell@lacnm.us or 505.662.8241.