Duane Marr And William Strothers Best Predictors In This Week’s Atomic City Roadrunner’s Pace Race

Duane Marr and William Strothers are the best predictors in Tuesday’s 1-mile pace race. Courtesy photo


Duane Marr and William Strothers are the best predictors in the 1-mile pace race, being 2.3 and 8 seconds off their predictions in Tuesday’s pace race on paved roads in Pajarito Acres that started on Acoma Lane.
In the 2.8-mile race, Zach Medin was 2.4 seconds off and Ted Romero was 6 seconds off. Gayle Cunningham was 37 seconds off for 29:53 on the 2.05-mile course.
Other good predictors for the 1-mile course (and the times that they were off their prediction) were Anders and Adrian Medin (both 16 s), Julian Ortiz (17 s) and Roxana Candia (25 s).
The fastest runners for 1 mile were Savanna and William Strothers in 8:16 and 8:28.
For the 2.8 mile course, other good predictors were Ted Williams (14 s) and Laura McClellan (15 s).
The fastest runners for 2.8 miles were Ryan Smeltzer (18:57), Aaron Jackson (19:14), and Nikol Strothers (20:13).
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race starts in Rendija Canyon on the road to the Sportsman Club. For more information, call 505.672.1639 or visit the Atomic City Roadrunner’s website: atomicrunners.com.