Duane And Jackie Marr Best Predictors In Pace Race

ACRR News:
Duane and Jackie Marr were the best predictors in the 1-mile race, being 0.3 and 4 seconds off their predictions.
In the 2.8-mile race, Ted Romero was 8 seconds off and Roxana Candia was 10 seconds off. Tuesday’s pace race was held on paved roads in Pajarito Acres between rain showers and started on Acoma Lane.
Other good predictors for the 1-mile course (and the times that they were off their prediction) were Anders and Zachary Medin (both 9 s).
The fastest runners for 1 mile were Eddie Gartz (9:15) and Norah Gartz (9:16).
For the 2.8 mile course, other good predictors were Nicholas Parra-Vasquez (35 s), Ted Williams (45 s), and Heather Hughes (51 s).
The fastest runners for 2.8 miles were Ted Romero (18:21) and Laura Woodroffe (19:20).
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will start between the Pajarito Mountain Ski Lodge and Camp May at the beginning of the trail to Canada Bonito. For more information, call 505.672.1639.

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