Dream Visitation Development Workshop At Ardantane

APLC News:
Ardantane Pagan Learning Center is offering a class of interest to the wider community in June on the Ardantane Campus near Jemez Springs.
This class deals with the near universal experience of dream visitation, in which people receive visits and information from deceased loved ones and others in their dreams. This is the most common way that people are visited from the afterlife and other dimensions.
Spend two days learning about this phenomenon, what it might mean in a person’s life and how to interpret the messages they have recieved.
The Spirits in Our Dreams:
  • Dream Visitation Development and Journaling Workshop
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday, June 27-28

Have you had vivid dreams that involved deceased loved ones, strangers, and other beings speaking to you? Are these visitors trying to tell you a story, give you advice, and ask for your help? Do you wonder if these visitors are really who they say they are?

This class will encourage you to take a leap of faith, yes the spirits do communicate with us in our dreams. They do this all of the time. It’s easier for spirits, guides, ancestors, deities, aliens and other dimensional beings to communicate with us during our dreamtime. This two-day workshop will help you identify a dream visitation, and help you develop your ability to receive and journal your dream visitation encounters.

Jennifer M. Primeaux – from the Ponca and Creek Nations of Oklahoma. She has had many encounters with spirits and other unexplained phenomena since she was a child. As a quiet, sensitive child she was always amazed when people didn’t believe, or they thought she was being haunted by evil. It wasn’t until she spent time as a teenager on the Ponca Reservation in Oklahoma that she was able to meet other people who had experienced similar encounters. Most of her classes are taught from personal experiences, and knowledge given to her during dream-time vision. She will also include experiences that family and, friends have shared with her. Currently, she is an artist, teacher, and licensed massage therapist practicing in New Mexico. She is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, and attended the University of Oklahoma for Art History. She now lives in Santa Fe with her family.
Laura Liles – Rowan (Laura Liles) has been involved in the Pagan/Wiccan community in northern New Mexico since 1986. She is a third degree initiate in the Ladywoods tradition and currently serving her third term as the high priestess of Our Lady of the Woods coven in Los Alamos. She has taught Magick and Witchcraft extensively at Ardantane. A former Second Officer for the Covenant of the Goddess, she has taught at Merry Meet, Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG), Magickal Mountain Mabon and Dragonfest. She serves as the Registrar and Ardantane Herald (email newsletter) coordinator for Ardantane, in addition to being the Dean of the School of Magick and Witchcraft. She holds a BS in Education and an MBA. Her hobbies include but are not limited to old movies, reading, especially biography and history, sewing and gardening.
Register for this class here: website.
Specific information and directions to the campus will be provided at registration. Overnight accommodations are available on campus.

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